MALS 731                                                                                                                              Dr. Corey
New York Voices                                                                                                                   Spring, 2001


New York Voices is designed to give students practice in research techniques using documentary materials. Students in the class will form research groups, each of which will select a contemporary or historical figure who has played some significant part in New York's political, social or cultural life. Each group will then begin to submit a critical bibliography, and from this begin to read, edit, and assemble first person materials from sources that will include diaries, letters, speeches, and interviews related to their chosen subjects. What will essentially be created is an autobiographical "script" in the form of a dramatic monologue annotated with the appropriate cues, lighting, and stage direction required for a public performance. Together with a set of slides that will be created from photographs reproduced in the course of the research, and an audio cassette of music that might be cued in during an actual performance, this script will constitute the final project for the course. In addition, students will be required to submit a second copy of the script, using endnotes and standard bibliography to indicate the sources of the quoted materials in the performance script.


Lectures and class discussions about research strategies and the work in progress.

Screenings of biographical and autobiographical documentary films.

Readings on the documentary tradition in the excerpt packet available at Far Better Copy.

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