MALS 712 Symposium III: Anthropology Independent Study Paper Proposal

Evan A. Brathwaite, Jr.

Professor Sophia Perdikaris

Department of Anthropology

Date: February 7th, 2006.

Title: “Battlefield Medicine of the Greco-Roman World”

Abstract: The objective of my symposium paper is to conduct a brief overview of the types of combat wounds the average Greco-Roman soldier of classical antiquity received, using archaeological and non-archaeological references from select primary and secondary sources of the classical period. I will then speculate as to the medical options available for wounded men at arms, and the relative efficacy of the contemporary treatments. It is my desire to use this abridged paper as a foundation for an expanded research thesis.

Outline: A) Introductory Page- “The Brutality of Combat of Classical Antiquity.”

                      Description of the common threats the ancient Greco-Roman soldier

encountered on the battlefield: How dangerous was ancient warfare and why?

                B) Discussion of the various defensive and offensive armaments of Greek and

                      Roman soldiers based on modern archaeological excavations:

I)         How much protection did ancient armor provide?


II)        Could a seemingly well-armored and equipped soldier die from trauma?

III)      Does armor guarantee that the Greco- Roman solider was impervious to ballistic and melee weaponry?


C)  Speculations and assessment of the mortality rates for the wounded soldier of classical antiquity based on the relative severity of wounds:


If a soldier was wounded in an ancient battlefield, what were his options if any? What types of wounds were the most common among Greco-Roman soldiers?


D) Efficacy of medical treatment, including available options for the wounded:

How advanced was medical science in the classical world, especially military medicine?


E)  Conclusion: Summation of findings and synopsis of research.


       Projected Page Count: 45-50 Pages.



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