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General Course Descriptions

Brooklyn College Bulletin: Division of Graduate Studies


Symposia I and II are taken concurrently with Core I and II.  These consist of student presentations on a topic related to the core seminars, followed by discussions with students and faculty. Symposium III, usually taken after most of the electives, is a short research project related to one of the electives. Further information is available on the Requirements page.

MALS Electives

Elective courses provide students with the opportunity to examine in greater detail the concepts presented in the core seminars. Students complete four electives in a variety of fields. With the permission of the Director, some of these electives may be in other graduate programs, departments, or institutions. Some MALS electives include:

The Literary Presentation of Self
Moral and Pictorial Traditions in Western Civilization
New York Voices
The Sacred and the Self
Contemporary Feminist Thought
Language, Culture and Society
Job and Suffering
Two American Decades on Film: The Thirties and the Sixties
Independent Research

Other Electives

With the permission of the Director, students may take electives in other graduate programs, departments, or institutions. Examples of appropriate courses at Brooklyn College include:
Africana Studies 780 X. Modern South Africa
Comparative Literature 706.1 X. Women in Medieval Literature
Education 712 X. Education and Culture in the U.S.
Education 742.1 X. Multicultural Education
English 700 X. Introduction to Literary Research
English 775.1 X. Feminist Literary Theory
History 731.8 X. France From 1815
History 743.3 X. The American Presidency
History 745.2 X. History of Black Americans
History 753.2 X. Nationalism and Revolution in Modern East Asia
History 760 X. New York City
History 760 X. The Jewish-Christian Encounter in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
History 741.6 X. The Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Judaic Studies 750 X. Holocaust Seminar
Political Science 701 X. Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
Political Science 702 X. Modern Political Thought
Political Science 703 X. American Political Thought
Sociology 714 X. Sociology of Urban Communities
Theater U703 X. Development of Dramatic Structure I
Theater U704 X. Development of Dramatic Structure II
Women's Studies 700X. Theories of Feminism

Research Project

The final research project is the culmination of a student's knowledge of the interdisciplinary approach to human value systems. It may take the form of a formal thesis, documentary film or vide, multimedia or dramatic presentation, significant work of art, etc. Further information is available on the Requirements page.